This glazed photographic portrait is large; 87cm by 74 cm with an approximately 4cm white card mount on all sides and then a 2cm wide black wooden frame

The face of an attractive, older woman with blonde hair and blue eyes emerges from what is otherwise a uniformly dark portrait. Her gaze is direct.

From below her chin to her waist, Rosie is swathed in a dark blue, voluminous cape that merges with the black background. The fabric of the cape is thick; areas of deeper shadow only vaguely suggestive of the contours of Rosie’s torso beneath.

Rosie is angled to her right. Her fine hair is highlighted many tones of blonde. Styled to obscure her ears and parted to right, it sweeps across her lined brow and above her right eye. It’s indeterminate length tucks into her collar. The up turned collar of her deep blue cape crisply frames the left side of Rosie’s jaw, contrasting with her blonde wispy hair on the right.

Rosie’s make up enhances an even pale complexion, high arched brown eyebrows and strikingly direct, crystal blue eyes. Her nose is straight and regular with deep lines under her cheeks emphasising her closed, pale pink mouth. Rosie has a dimple at the base of her chin.

Audio description written by Annette Twyman and voiced by Carol Wellman Walker