This is a photographic portrait of Aboriginal author and activist – Alexis Wright. Photo by Ingvar Kenne, 2009.

The portrait is approx. one metre square showing a full length, standing view of Alexis in a blackened, burnt-out landscape of predominately bare trees.
The upper half of the photograph features a pale, greyish-white sky with tall, burnt tree trunks extending up and out to the sky beyond. In the upper left corner, several trees twist and bend across each other.

In the background and halfway down the photo, the hazy curve of a distant hill crosses through the landscape. Numerous blackened and bare trees cover the sloping ground in front.

The figure of Alexis occupies the centre and lower half of the scene. To the left of Alexis and slightly behind, a large black tree trunk stands tall, reaching up and out beyond the portrait. Sprouting from the trunk are several bright green patches of leafy new growth.

Alexis stands on a sloped area of ash covered earth, left blackened and charred by fire.
She looks directly at us, eyes squinting, mouth closed, with a look of sadness or dismay. Her auburn shoulder length hair is slightly curly, and part of her fringe is swept back. A segment hangs raggedly on her forehead.

The left side of her body is angled slightly forward, and she wears a black round- necked top under a black zippered jacket. Her zipper open to mid-torso, the jacket lining and collar is a dark grey,. Both her hands are tucked into her practical jacket pockets. Her pale right hand is partly visible.

Alexis wears long black pants and tan coloured moccasins.

Burnt branches, twigs and debris are scattered around her.

Audio description written by Pauline McCreath and voiced by Rory Walker