A photographic portrait of Cathy Freeman created by Montalbetti+Campbell in 1995.

The photograph shows only the face of Cathy and at 121.0 cm x 90.0 cm is roughly four times larger than life. Coloured in tones ranging from sepia to velvety black, her face is closely cropped to exclude her hair and much of her forehead.

Her strong, black, gently arched brows span the width of the image and a water droplet rests in the slight crease between them. Deeply set almond shaped eyes gaze directly forward with intense focus that commands attention. There are dark shadows in the inner corners of her eyes that extend underneath them and a short way down her nose. Cathy’s nose is narrow at the bridge but broadens towards the tip and another water droplet pools at the side of her left nostril.
Light shines on her left cheek making it lighter than her right. Her cheeks are slightly lifted. On the right side, the area between her nose and upper lip is in shadow.
Her full lips are framed by subtle creases on either side. She holds her mouth closed, a droplet gleams and drips from under her rounded chin, suspended in an extended tear shape. Behind it, a narrow band of her neck is visible, the rest disappearing into deep black.

Audio description written by Krysia Kitch and voiced by Emma Bedford