The black and white self-portrait photograph measures 20cms x15cms. Out of the voluminous, inky darkness and central to the image, a young David Moore. His head and shoulders face forward. He holds a vintage camera, his eyes lifted to his mirror reflection, brow furrowed, expression earnest.

Moore’s head is a tapering oval, thick, short, wavy hair is brushed across from a low parting on his right. His forehead is crinkled, and his eyebrows are raised as he looks up to the mirror. The whites of his almond-shaped eyes shine under his raised pupils. Moore’s ears are tucked back, his right ear in shadow. A slightly knobbly nose gives way to a long upper lip, a small, soft mouth and his long pointy chin. The grainy quality of the photograph creates a soft blur around his features.

Lightest of all, the corners of his white shirt collar are crisp, clasped at the nape with a tightly-knotted light grey tie, skewed slightly to his left.

Moore wears a black suit jacket whose lapels are faintly outlined against the fabric at his chest and his shoulder-line is just distinguishable from the darkness that engulfs the rest of the image.

Moore holds an upright medium format camera chest high, the small silver rim of the lens points forward, his hands hold the camera at its base; his left hand with his thumb above the lens and the right thumb and index finger under. To his left there is the brief outline of more equipment. A blurred black lower edge frames the base of the photograph.

Audio description written by Annette Twyman and voiced by Emma Bedford