A portrait of free-settler Fanny Jane Marlay by an unknown artist in 1841. Watercolour on ivory positioned in a mountboard cut into a stretched octagon shape and coloured a deep mustard yellow. Encased in a velvet-lined burgundy case with a clasp on the right side it measures 7.5 cm in height and 6.3 cm wide.

Fanny Jane fills the frame. Her pearly white skin contrasts with the blue of her garment and the dark brown background which enhances the creaminess of her complexion. The brush marks of the artist are evident with hatching and stippling of colours being used to create gradations in colour.

She wears a sapphire blue broad brim hat which creates a halo around her face. The hat is elaborately decorated in white feathers that spill over the hat, drooping down towards her face and left shoulder.

Her hair is styled in loose finger waves covering her forehead and ears and pulled back. Elegant gold earrings with peach-coloured stones dangle from beneath her hair. Her eyebrows are slightly arched over almond-shaped and heavy-lidded eyes which are the same blue as her hat. Her nose is strong and straight, her cheeks coloured with a peachy blush and her narrow lips curve up in a subtle smile. Her long neck is adorned with a thick coiled gold necklace decorated with a peach-coloured stone in the centre to match her earrings.

She wears a blue dress that complements her hat with a broad neckline that is edged in delicate translucent lace. The lace stands up, reaching towards her face, shorter at the front and becoming taller at the back with a triangular trimmed edge. This triangular edging is mirrored in the blue fabric of her dress, where the neckline is also trimmed in a row of blue triangles.

Audio description written and voiced by Alana Sivell, 2021