Marilyn Darling, philanthropist and Founding Patron of the National Portrait Gallery, standing inside the Gallery’s entry. The portrait is by Anne Zahalka created in 2010. It is a colour, photographic transparency presented in a backlit light box, with a glossy black frame, measuring 119cm tall by 82cm wide.

An elegant woman in her middle years in a knee-length apricot dress, heels and gold accessories. Marilyn Darling stands slightly left of centre, in the foreground, front on. The sunshine streaming in behind her creating a halo in her short, wavy, platinum blond hair.

Marilyn’s face is tanned, her grey-blue eyes look straight towards us. Her vibrant coral coloured lips are upturned in a closed-mouth smile. ¬

She wears gold hoop earrings, and a chunky bone and gold necklace made up of curving segments linked together, and it rests in a tight, flat ring on her collar bone. The necklace is framed by the collar of her apricot dress. Just beneath the collar, on the right, glints a small gold pin.

Marilyn’s bare arms are folded across her waist. On her left hand is a gold and diamond ring, and on her wrist, a slim gold watch. Her short nails are painted the same coral as her lips.

Marilyn’s dress is knee-length and her slender legs are golden. She centres her weight on her left leg, while her right leg extends out slightly to the side, both feet facing forward. She wears cream, peep-toe high-heels, and her toenails are lacquered with coral polish.

Diagonal shadows are cast by her legs, across the foyer floor, veering to the right lower corner of the portrait.

On Marilyn Darling’s right, inside the gallery doors is a substantial bouquet of brightly coloured Australian native flowers, in magenta, yellow and cream amidst grey-green foliage. The flowers spring from a stainless-steel cylindrical vessel, resting on a waist high, rectangular concrete plinth.

Further on, there is an abundance of architectural detail, she stands just inside the doors. Triangular, pale timber at ceiling height, a line of round air conditioning vents above head height, and thin wooden vertical struts running down over glass to meet the foyer floor. The floor is pale grey stone, glistening with reflected light.

Beyond the doors, the forecourt is flooded with bright white sunshine, and on our left is a large, bright orange sculpture. Past the sculpture is blurred greenery.

Audio description written by Lucie Shawcross and voiced by Rory Walker