This portrait of the singer songwriter Archie Roach was made in 1992 by Bill McAuley. It is a large black and white type C photograph measuring 41 cm by 28 cm in a modest wooden frame.

Archie’s face takes up almost all the photograph. His head is tilted to his left against a deep black background. Archie is wearing a wide ribbed knitted beanie pushed down low on his brow. The beanie is striped horizontally, dark at the top with a wide mid- tone band, a narrow dark band and finishing with a white edging, just above his eyebrows.

Archie has full eyebrows, wide-set dark eyes with shadows and several lines arched below them. He is looking steadily off to his right. Archie has a broad nose with lines extending either side defining his cheeks. Light shines onto his face from the right, washing over his cheek and along the ridge of his nose. Shadow darkens his right cheek which blends into the dark background.

His lips are full. The upper lip is dark and well defined, the lower lip softly lit. A deep shadow below his lips and above his chin merges into the dark background. This is in sharp contrast to the light on his face which forms an inverted triangle from the white band of the beanie to his chin at the lower edge of the image.

Audio description written by Krysia Kitch and voiced by Alana Sivell, 2021