Jim Conway, 2006 by Greg Warburton is composed of synthetic polymer paint and charcoal on paper, laid on board. It is large; 139 centimetres high by 109 centimetres in its frame. Conway’s head and neck is enlarged over four times human scale. He is a pale-skinned man with dark hair and eyes closed in reverie. The background is pale peach. Shading moulds the contours of his face.

Jim’s dark hair is short on the sides and longer on top, the longer strands are tousled and some fall across the middle of his forehead. His sideburns are tinged with grey. His receding hairline reveals a high forehead that is lightly wrinkled.

He wears rimless spectacles over closed eyes. The upper edges of the glasses cut through his eyebrows. The near horizontal metal arms of the glasses focus our attention on the shadows around his eyes at the bridge of his nose and on the faint wrinkles which spread from their outer corners.

Light shines on Jim’s face from either side as if stage lit, so that a shadow plays along the mid-line central profile of his face. The light emphasizes his high cheekbones and soft pillowy cheeks and burnishes the lower edge of his nose, which has deep furrows either side. Narrow lips have a hint of a smile at the edges. He has a square jaw and dimpled chin.

White brushstrokes and soft greys indicate the neck and shoulder line.

Audio description script written by Krysia Kitch and voiced by Kate Matthews