A portrait of the writer, Christos Tsiolkas, by John Tsiavis, created in 1998 and printed in 2009.
A type c photograph measuring 40.5 cm in height and 33 cm wide in a slender wooden frame with a wide, white border.

The photograph has irregular hazy edges.

The image is predominantly black. Christos face is partially revealed, emerging from the top left corner in vivid red. The right side of his face is highlighted with the left side disappearing into the darkness.

Christos’ upward tilting face is cropped at his forehead accentuating a strong eyebrow and hooded eyelid. Shadows gather, creating a deep socket. Rising out of the darkness, the pores of his cheek are visible; a stubbly moustache and his full, relaxed lips loosely holding a cigarette.

The entire left side of his face concealed in shadow. His facial features dissolve into darkness at his chin.

Audio description written by Alana Sivell and voiced by Rory Walker