A portrait of Pintupi artist George Tjungurrayi by Matthÿs Gerber created in 2002.

Oil on canvas, unframed, measuring 180 centimetres high by 135 centimetres wide.

Tjungurrayi’s facial features have been simplified and abstracted into a series of coloured planes, which map out the contours, the ridges and troughs of his face like an aerial map of the land. It is an extreme closeup, with his forehead, outer edges of the cheeks and upper chin cropped by the edges of the canvas.

His face is described in four solid colours of magenta, lime green, ultramarine blue and red orange, that are painted in a combination of competing cool and warm tones. The majority of the face is shaded in magenta. The ridge of his wide nose, apples of his cheeks, lips and forehead, are highlighted in lime green and edged in a deckled ultramarine blue with the highest points picked out in touches of deckled red orange.

The artist has put a circle design in the bottom right corner; a red-orange dot with a concentric circle of lime green and another in ultramarine blue around the dot.

Audio description written and voiced by Alana Sivell