Arnold Shore’s 1935 portrait of HV (Doc) Evatt is an oil on canvas measuring 101.5cm tall by 76.5 cm wide.
Evatt is seated in the centre of the canvas in red academic robes over a navy-grey suit, white collared shirt and blue necktie. Three quarters of his upper body is represented, his crossed legs cut off just before his knees. Shore’s brush strokes, some fine and delicate, some broad and bold, reflect a post-impressionistic style. Brush marks are particularly noticeable on Evatt’s clothing and face, and in the background.
Evatt is posed in front of a simple backdrop of rosy-tan tones. Darker hues indicate his shadow, close behind his left shoulder, as if he is standing in front of a wall of red sandstone with a light source beaming down from the upper right.

Evatt’s head is turned to the left, his right ear and cheek in light, glowing shades of pink and beige. His short hair is made up of visible brush strokes of black, green, grey, white and blue. It frames a high square forehead and arched brows of black and grey. His pale blue eyes gaze outward behind frameless oval glasses. The tip of his short narrow nose is upturned, and a ruddy shadow outlines his jawline. His thin lips a pale pink, the upper lip fuller and slightly darker.

His scarlet academic gown is draped unevenly over his shoulders and shaped to the slight slouch of his body. The hood sash forms a bold bright red ribbon across his chest. The sash and upper mantle from shoulder to biceps share this intense scarlet tone. The lapels and the lower robes are a more muted coral red. These flowing folds hide his hands from view.

Beneath the lavish robes of a Doctor of Laws, Evatt wears a suit in dark navy-grey. The waistcoat, jacket lapels and dress trousers form a dark panel down the centre of the canvas, picking up the dark blues, blacks and greys of his hair and eyes. A pop of cobalt highlights his crooked tie, part of the tail peeking from his upturned shirt collar.

Evatt’s formal dress contrasts with his casual pose. He is leaning backwards, shoulders loose and slightly slouched, and legs are crossed above the knee.

On the bottom right Shore 35 has been neatly written in dark burgundy paint.

Audio description written and voiced by Amy Middleby