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This is why...

by Allison

In answering the frequent question from my community, I have made this film for my five children.

People often ask me how do you it? They want to know how I stay on top of all the washing, I tell them I just do. Being asked this question all the time, made me think, do you guys know how I do it? More importantly, do you know why?

Why do I protect you from harm or be the fun police as you call me... This is why.
Why do I drive you from trainings to rehearsals to lessons... This is why.
Why do I get mad, upset and cranky... This is why.
Why do I listen to terrible music and get dragged along to Reece Mastin concerts... This is why.
Why do I line up in the hot sun for 2 hours so you can meet some football players... This is why.
Why do I stress myself out all night long to create your birthday cakes?... This is why.
So how do I do what I do? And why do I do what I do?
Because I love you... That's why...